Top Maui Helicopter Tours: Doors-Off Aerial Adventures

Exploring Maui from the sky is an experience like no other. I’ve soared above the Valley Isle, where the views are as breathtaking as the adventures are endless. From cascading waterfalls to the rugged coastline, helicopter tours offer an unrivaled perspective of this Hawaiian paradise.

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Choosing the best helicopter tour can be daunting with so many options. I’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation, curating a list of top-notch tours that promise the most scenic and memorable flights. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or a lover of natural beauty, there’s a sky adventure waiting for you.

My personal journey through the clouds has shown me the hidden gems of Maui, accessible only from above. I’m excited to share these exclusive insights, ensuring your aerial excursion is nothing short of spectacular.

Top 5 Helicopter Tours on Maui

Finding the right helicopter tour can be daunting with so many options available. Below, I’ve highlighted the top five tours that offer a mix of thrill, scenery, and exceptional service to ensure an unforgettable sky-high adventure.

Blue Hawaiian Helicopters – Complete Island Tour
For those who don’t want to miss a thing, the Complete Island Tour by Blue Hawaiian Helicopters is a must. Spanning around 90 minutes, it covers the island’s most jaw-dropping spots including Haleakala Crater, the West Maui Mountains, and the Hana Rainforest.

  • Comprehensive coverage of Maui’s landscapes
  • Experienced pilots with in-depth knowledge of the island’s topography

Maverick Helicopters – Maui Dream
Maverick Helicopters’ Maui Dream is a luxurious 60-minute journey that includes aerial views of the West Maui Mountains and neighboring Molokai’s towering sea cliffs, which are some of the tallest in the world.

  • Premium comfort with modern helicopters
  • Intimate experience with noise-reducing headphones

Air Maui Helicopter Tours – West Maui and Molokai Special
This flight offers a closer look at the breathtaking waterfalls and rugged coastlines of West Maui and Molokai. At 45 minutes, it’s perfect for those with limited time but a craving for stunning visuals.

  • Highlights two of Hawaii’s most visually spectacular areas
  • Great for photographers and nature lovers

Sunshine Helicopters – Hana/Haleakala Tour
Experience the beauty of East Maui’s Haleakala Crater and the lush rainforests of Hana with this comprehensive tour. It offers an in-depth look at the region’s volcanic landscapes and picturesque waterfalls.

  • See Maui’s famous crater and untouched natural beauty
  • Customized seating for optimal views

Pacific Helicopter Tours – Doors-off Adventure
For the adrenaline junkies, Pacific Helicopter offers a doors-off flight that provides uninterrupted views and the thrill of the wind rushing by. It’s as close as you can get to nature without stepping foot on the ground.

  • Unmatched photo opportunities with no glass obstruction
  • Feel the elements with a doors-off experience

1. Discover the Beauty of Maui from Above

Experiencing Maui’s splendor from the sky is something I’ll never forget. There’s an indescribable rush as the helicopter lifts off and the landscape unfolds below. Bird’s-eye views of the island reveal hidden waterfalls, secluded beaches, and the raw beauty of volcanic craters. It’s not just a tour; it’s an opportunity to see Maui in a way that’s impossible from the ground.

Each flight offers a unique experience. The Blue Hawaiian Helicopters’ Complete Island Tour encapsulates the essence of the island, providing an overview that’s as comprehensive as it is breathtaking. It’s the tour that covers the most ground, perfect for those who want to see it all in one go. I was particularly impressed with their state-of-the-art Eco-Star helicopters which offer improved visibility and a quieter ride, enhancing the peacefulness of the aerial journey.

Maverick Helicopters’ Maui Dream takes you over the lush rainforests and along the rugged coastline. They’re known for their smaller, intimate groups which means more personalized attention and a chance to ask your pilot questions about the sites below.

On the West Maui and Molokai Special by Air Maui Helicopter Tours, the highlight for me was the sheer cliffs of Molokai’s north shore. These are the world’s tallest sea cliffs, and from above, they’re truly an awesome sight to behold.

As for Sunshine Helicopters’ Hana/Haleakala Tour, flying over the world’s largest dormant volcano is a unique experience. When I looked into the vast crater of Haleakala, I felt like I was peeking into the early formation of the Hawaiian islands.

Lastly, Pacific Helicopter Tours offers an exhilarating Doors-off Adventure. Without windows, the warm air and the scents of tropical flora rush at you, making for an immersive and pulse-quickening flight.

With each tour offering its own set of stunning vistas and heart-stopping moments, choosing the best helicopter tour comes down to personal preference. But rest assured, no matter which tour you choose, the views will be spectacular and the memories will last a lifetime.

2. Soar Over the Iconic Road to Hana

Helicopter tours offer a unique vantage point to appreciate the splendor of Maui, and the Road to Hana is arguably the most famous route you can fly above. Twisting through lush landscapes, the road is lined with countless waterfalls, magnificent seascapes, and tropical rainforests, making it a must-see from the sky.

Many visitors choose to drive the Road to Hana, but from the ground, it’s impossible to grasp the full scope of the island’s beauty in a single glimpse. That’s where a helicopter ride truly stands out. Flying above, I realized there’s no comparing the panoramic views you’ll experience from up in the air. You’ll soar over hidden waterfalls that are unreachable by car, glide through narrow valleys, and get close-ups of the Hana Rainforest’s dense canopy, which is part of Haleakala National Park.

One particular highlight of this aerial route is the spellbinding coastline. The contrast between the deep blue Pacific Ocean and the vibrant green foliage is simply breathtaking, and witnessing the powerful waves crashing against the cliffs provides a sense of Maui’s raw, natural beauty. Additionally, the bird’s eye view allows for a better understanding of the island’s topography and volcanic origins.

When it comes to helicopter tours over the Road to Hana, different operators present various packages, each with their perks. Some offer lengthy excursions that combine the Hana tour with flyovers of other renowned sites, like the West Maui Mountains or Molokai’s towering sea cliffs. Others focus solely on the Hana coast, providing a more detailed look at this iconic area. Regardless of which option you choose, flying over the Road to Hana is an unforgettable adventure that encapsulates the essence of Maui’s diverse landscapes.

Keep in mind that while selecting a tour, you should consider the time of day—the lighting can dramatically affect the scenery’s appearance, with the early morning or late afternoon sun casting long, dramatic shadows across the valleys, highlighting every crevice and ridge in stunning clarity. Every turn and ascent reveals a new marvel, letting you experience the Road to Hana in a way few ever will.

3. Witness the Majestic Waterfalls of Maui

When I’m asked about the true highlights of Maui’s helicopter tours, I can’t help but rave about the majestic waterfalls. The island’s lush landscape is home to some of the most breath-taking cascades you’ll ever witness, and nothing compares to viewing them from above.

On these tours, you’ll soar over hidden gems such as the 400-foot Honokohau Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls on the island. Its two-tiered drop is nestled deep within the West Maui Mountains, a view that’s almost impossible to access by foot. Helicopter tours offer an unobstructed perspective that ground travelers are missing out on.

We can’t talk about Maui’s waterfalls without mentioning the iconic Wall of Tears, an awe-inspiring sight with over 17 waterfalls flowing at once. It’s a true testament to Maui’s nickname, “The Valley Isle.” The Wall of Tears is located in a valley deep within the island’s interior, and while challenging to reach by land, helicopter tours make it effortlessly viewable.

Most helicopter tours will also include a pass by the East Maui Waterfall, a wonder that is often included in visitor’s itineraries for its sheer beauty and accessibility. However, catching a glimpse from the sky gives you a sense of its scale and the surrounding rainforest that isn’t quite perceivable from the ground.

Safety and Expertise are paramount on these tours, so you’ll be in the hands of experienced pilots who not only navigate these natural marvels with precision but also provide rich narratives about the sights below. Choosing a reputable operator ensures that your safety is the top priority, and you’ll also benefit from the pilot’s knowledge about Maui’s geology and folklore.

  • Below are some of Maui’s most extraordinary waterfalls that are often included in helicopter tours:
  • Honokohau Falls
  • Wall of Tears
  • East Maui Waterfall

Remember, each waterfall has its own distinct character, and when you’re flying above them, you’re experiencing a piece of Maui that’s as dynamic as it is timeless.

4. Explore the Volcanic Wonders of Haleakala

When you’re looking for an excursion that literally elevates your Maui experience to new heights, helicopter tours over Haleakalā are a must. Known as the “House of the Sun,” Haleakalā is a dormant volcano that forms more than 75% of Maui’s landmass and is renowned for its stunning sunrise and sunset views.

Helicopter tours whisk you away to the summit area, which is often above the clouds. From this breathtaking vantage point, the unearthly landscape of the volcanic crater unfurls below. A rich tapestry of colorful cinder cones and native Hawaiian vegetation paints a picture that’s both haunting and beautiful – a spectacle that few sights can compare to.

Operators specialize in narrated tours that educate you on the geological and cultural significance of Haleakalā. They offer insightful stories about the volcano’s last eruption and its significance to Hawaiian myths and legends. Spectacular isn’t enough to describe the feeling of hovering above this colossal crater; the magnitude of seeing an entire volcanic landscape from the sky is a rare opportunity.

While flying around the Haleakalā National Park, you might also spot the rare and endemic Nēnē goose, Hawaii’s state bird, along with the silversword plant, unique to this ecological zone. With each bend and turn, pilots skillfully navigate to show you both the remote backcountry and the accessible summit, ensuring that you’ll glimpse every facet of this majestic natural wonder.

One of the highlights is the Haleakalā Crater, which covers a vast area of 19 square miles. It’s essential to have your camera ready because the interplay of light and shadow over the crater’s terrain is a photographer’s dream. Tours often vary in length, but most comprehensive excursions cover other areas of interest, such as the Hana Rainforest or West Maui Mountains, giving you a full appreciation of the island’s diverse ecosystems.

Remember, while the sights from the ground are impressive, there’s nothing like the thrill of witnessing Haleakalā’s grandeur from the sky. Each flight provides different perspectives depending on the weather and volcanic activity, promising a unique experience each time you’re up in the air.

5. Experience the Thrill of a Doors-Off Helicopter Tour

Imagine feeling the rush of tropical air and the unobstructed views as you soar above Maui’s breathtaking landscapes. That’s the allure of a doors-off helicopter tour – a truly immersive experience that gets your adrenaline pumping. I’ve found that without the barrier of glass, the vibrant colors and sheer majesty of the island seem almost within reach.

Many operators on the island offer the doors-off option, each delivering unique experiences. These tours are perfect for photographers and thrill-seekers alike. Without the glare from the windows, your camera can capture the island’s beauty in all its glory. Always prioritize safety and choose a tour with a strong track record of adhering to the highest operational standards.

During a doors-off flight, you’ll feel the warmth of the Hawaiian sun paired with the cool breezes off the Pacific. The open environment provides an unparalleled sense of freedom, making the ethereal landscapes below seem even more spellbinding. And let’s not forget the heightened sounds of the wilderness that reach your ears, adding another layer to this multi-sensory affair.

Here’s what you can typically expect on a doors-off helicopter tour:

  • Safety Briefing: A comprehensive guide on what to expect and how to ensure a safe trip
  • Personalized Service: Tours are often smaller, which means more attention to your needs and comfort
  • Advanced Headsets: They allow for clear communication with the pilot, who’ll share insights about the areas you’re flying over
  • Flight Path: Usually includes key sights like waterfalls, coastline, and the volcanic craters

Before booking, ensure that you’re comfortable with the idea of a flight without doors. It’s a thrilling adventure that’s not for the faint-hearted, and you should be prepared for stronger wind currents and a more intense helicopter ride.

Keep in mind the importance of wearing proper attire for a doors-off tour. Securely fasten all loose items, opt for jackets or layers, and avoid loose-fitting hats or other accessories that could blow away. By doing so, you’ll ensure your tour is an exhilarating experience that’s also worry-free.


Choosing the right helicopter tour on Maui can elevate your island experience to new heights. With the thrill of a doors-off flight, you’ll feel the exhilaration as you soar above breathtaking landscapes. It’s an unforgettable way to witness Maui’s splendor, perfect for creating those epic shots that’ll be the envy of your friends. Just remember to dress appropriately and secure your belongings before takeoff. Trust me, you won’t want to miss a second of this adventure. Ready to take to the skies? I know I can’t wait to go back.

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