Best Stores to Get Groceries on Maui: Shop Like a Local

When you’re on the enchanting island of Maui, stocking up on groceries isn’t just a chore—it’s an adventure. From local markets brimming with fresh produce to stores offering unique Hawaiian specialties, you’re in for a treat.

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Finding the right spot to fill your pantry is key to savoring your stay. Whether you’re whipping up a home-cooked meal or packing a beach picnic, the best stores are just around the corner.

Let’s dive into the vibrant grocery scene on Maui, where the aloha spirit infuses every shopping trip with a dash of island magic. Ready to discover where the locals shop and the hidden gems that make grocery runs a breeze?

Local Farmers’ Markets

As you wander the lush landscapes of Maui, you’ll find the heart of the island’s bounty at local farmers’ markets. They’re social hubs where the island’s freshest produce and friendliest faces come together. If you’re keen on tasting the island’s harvest or chatting with local growers, these markets are your go-to spots.

Upcountry Farmers’ Market in Kula is a sensation you shouldn’t miss. Open on Saturday mornings, it’s where you’ll find a delightful array of organic produce, exotic flowers, and artisanal products—a perfect reflection of Maui’s agricultural diversity.

Another gem is the Lahaina Farmers’ Market. With its ocean backdrop, you can enjoy the sea breeze as you browse for tropical fruits, homemade jams, and freshly baked goods. It operates on Saturdays as well, making it a great place to plan a leisurely weekend outing.

Don’t forget about the Maui Nui Farm Market, a family-owned operation situated on the slopes of Haleakalā. Not only do they offer vegetables and fruits, but they also have a nursery where you can pick up tropical plants to bring a piece of Maui into your own home.

Here’s a quick snapshot of some key markets:

Market Name Location Operating Days
Upcountry Farmers’ Market Kula Saturday
Lahaina Farmers’ Market Lahaina Saturday
Maui Nui Farm Market Kula Thursday-Sunday

Visiting these markets is a chance to support local agriculture and take part in a long-standing island tradition. With the vibrant colors and sweet scents of fresh produce, it’s easy to fill your pantry with the flavors of Maui. Remember to bring cash and reusable bags, as many vendors opt for these more sustainable options. And who knows—you might just stumble upon a rare island delicacy that’ll become your new favorite.

Supermarkets with a Local Flair

When you’re craving the convenience of a supermarket but don’t want to miss out on Maui’s unique flavors, certain stores cater to just that. Imagine aisles bursting with local products amid the usual grocery staples. These supermarkets are where island culture meets everyday shopping.

First up, Island Grocery Depot delivers an abundance of local produce alongside essential goods. It’s like taking a slice of the farmers’ market and tucking it within the cool, well-lit corridors of a store. You’ll find rare island delicacies that will firmly remind you that you’re in tropical paradise. Try the vibrant dragonfruit or the succulent lychees to tickle your tastebuds with local sweetness.

Another favorite is Foodland Farms in Lahaina. This supermarket chain makes a point of sourcing a wide array of Hawaiian-made products. From freshly caught seafood to the rich, aromatic Kona coffee, it’s a hotspot for anyone looking to dive into Hawaii’s gastronomic delights. And don’t forget to pick up some poke—their options are outstanding, blending traditional recipes with modern twists.

Here’s a quick glance at what you might find:

  • Island-fresh fish and meats
  • Local dairy and artisan cheeses
  • Specialty bread and pastries from Maui bakers
  • A selection of Hawaiian snacks, like taro chips and macadamia nuts

Tamura’s Fine Wine & Liquors should also be on your radar, especially if you have a palate for local spirits. Apart from being a top-notch place for wine connoisseurs, they offer an impressive range of craft beers from Maui’s own breweries. Pair a cold Maui Brewing Co. lager with your beachside lunch for an authentic island experience.

And while these supermarkets bring you the convenience of one-stop shopping, they also keep the communal spirit alive. Chat with the locals and you might just get a secret recipe or two.

Be sure to bring your reusable bags and keep your eyes peeled for sections labeled ‘Local Products’ — this is where the real treasures are tucked away. Embrace the local flair, and let your grocery trip be an adventure in itself.

Boutique Shops with Hawaiian Specialties

While the supermarkets give you a taste of local produce and goods, Maui’s boutique shops are where you’ll find the heart of the island’s culinary craftsmanship. These stores are the treasure chests, holding authentic Hawaiian specialties that you won’t find on the mainland.

Step into places like Hawaiian Moons Natural Foods, a gem in Kihei where health-conscious options abound. It’s not just about the organic selection here; it’s about the island’s spirit, infused in every product. Browse their shelves for:

  • Local organic produce
  • Vegan and gluten-free delicacies
  • Natural Hawaiian body care products
  • Unique island supplements

In the upcountry charm of Makawao, Rodeo General Store awaits with its eclectic mix of gourmet goods. This isn’t your average general store. The shelves are lined with:

  • Maui-made hot sauces
  • Specialty jams and jellies
  • Exquisite chocolates crafted on the island
  • Imported cheeses perfectly paired with Maui wine

Remember to pop by Mana Foods in Paia—noted for supporting over 400 local vendors, farmers, and artisans. You’re not just shopping; you’re becoming part of Maui’s story with every purchase. They carry a wide array of items:

  • Artisan bread baked fresh daily
  • Locally-caught seafood
  • Tropical fruits and vegetables sourced from island farms
  • A health and beauty section with locally made products

Down the historic Front Street in Lahaina, the quaint Lahaina Spice Company offers a culinary adventure with their handcrafted blends. Perfect for taking a piece of Maui’s flavors home with you, their spices echo the unique taste of the islands.

Whether you’re preparing a sunset dinner with ingredients that whisper of the Maui sea breeze or looking for the perfect handcrafted gift, these boutique shops provide an authentic slice of island life. Don’t rush through these stores—take your time to savor the experience and chat with the owners. Their passion for their products and the island tells a story in every conversation.

Health Food and Organic Stores

As you stroll through Maui’s streets, your quest for health-conscious and eco-friendly options leads you to a haven of health food and organic stores. These gems are perfect for those striving to maintain a clean diet or simply looking for a burst of freshness amidst their tropical getaway.

Mana Foods, located in Paia town, is a long-time favorite among both locals and visitors. In operation since 1983, it’s a one-stop-shop where you’ll discover an extensive selection of organic fruits and vegetables sourced from local farms. The shelves are brimming with natural groceries, supplements, and body care products. Mana Foods is more than a store; it’s a community staple that embodies Maui’s spirit.

  • Fresh organic produce
  • Local and international health foods
  • Bulk items for eco-conscious shopping

In Kahului, Down to Earth Organic & Natural stands out with its commitment to offering 100% vegetarian products. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, you’ll appreciate the robust flavors and high quality of the organic grocery items available here. Their deli, packed with house-made salads, entrees, and desserts, offers delightful plant-based options that cater to every taste bud.

  • 100% vegetarian options
  • House-made deli selections

Another notable establishment is Hawaiian Moons Natural Foods, situated in the heart of Kihei. Celebrating over 25 years in business, this store provides health-minded individuals with a diverse array of organic and natural foods. Hawaiian Moons takes pride in their commitment to sustainability and community wellness, making it a must-visit for conscious consumers.

  • Local and organic variety
  • Wellness products

Engaging with these stores, you’ll feel the pulse of Maui’s commitment to health and sustainability. Take a moment to chat with the staff; their insights can enrich your understanding of the island’s dedication to natural living. Whether you’re searching for gluten-free snacks or the freshest local produce, these health food stores ensure that your nutritious lifestyle doesn’t skip a beat while you’re indulging in paradise.

Online Grocery Delivery Services

While exploring Maui, you’ll find that your vacation doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the convenience of grocery delivery services. In fact, these services are a perfect way to streamline your stay and ensure you have more time to soak up the sun.

Instacart stands out as the go-to service for many visitors. The beauty lies in the simplicity of ordering from your favorite stores like Safeway, Foodland, and even Costco without needing a membership. Imagine having all your grocery needs delivered right to your doorstep, leaving you more time to enjoy the island’s beautiful beaches.

Amazon Fresh is another contender, especially if you’re already an Amazon Prime member. You can benefit from the same-day delivery of a wide array of items, including chilled goods ready for that BBQ or beach picnic.

Let’s not forget about local options like Maui Market Delivery. This service prides itself on delivering not only groceries but also pre-made meals crafted from locally sourced ingredients. Their personalized touch to shopping can add a bit of Maui’s charm to your dining experiences.

For those staying in vacation rentals, consider a pre-stocking service such as Island Grocery Service. They offer a convenient way to have your rental stocked with groceries before you even arrive. Just think, you’ll walk into your vacation home to a fully stocked kitchen and that’s your gateway to a hassle-free holiday.

When using these services, remember that the availability and delivery slots might vary depending on your location on the island. It’s smart to check ahead and perhaps schedule your deliveries in advance to secure your preferred time. Savoring Maui’s local produce and flavors without having to visit a store gives you a more relaxing and immersive experience in this tropical paradise.


You’ve got a plethora of choices when it comes to stocking up on groceries in Maui. Whether you’re whipping up a meal with local produce from a farmers’ market or opting for organic goodies at specialty stores, you’re covered. Don’t forget that the convenience of online delivery services is just a few clicks away. So soak in the sun, enjoy the island’s flavors, and let Maui’s commitment to health and sustainability be a part of your stay. Happy shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main types of grocery stores available on Maui?

Maui offers various grocery options including local farmers’ markets for fresh produce, supermarkets for general needs, boutique shops with local flair, and health food stores like Mana Foods, Down to Earth Organic, and Hawaiian Moons Natural Foods that specialize in organic and natural products.

Where can I find organic and health food options on Maui?

Organic and health food options are available at Mana Foods in Paia, Down to Earth Organic & Natural in Kahului, and Hawaiian Moons Natural Foods in Kihei. These stores offer a range of organic produce, health foods, supplements, and body care products.

Does Maui support a lifestyle of health and sustainability?

Yes, Maui’s health food stores, farmers’ markets, and the availability of organic and natural products reflect the island’s commitment to health and sustainability. Engaging with store staff can provide additional insight into Maui’s dedication to natural living.

Can I get grocery delivery services on Maui?

Yes, Maui has online grocery delivery services such as Instacart, Amazon Fresh, Maui Market Delivery, and Island Grocery Service. These services offer the convenience of home delivery for groceries and pre-made meals, ideal for visitors wanting to save time and enhance their experience on the island.

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