Best Surf Board Rental Shops on Oahu: Your Ultimate Wave Guide

Ready to catch some waves on Oahu but not sure where to grab your gear? You’re in luck! This island paradise is dotted with top-notch surf shops that’ll get you out on the water in no time. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting to find your balance, the right board makes all the difference.

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Oahu’s surf rental scene is as diverse as its breaks. From shops offering the latest in surf tech to those with a more laid-back, local vibe, there’s a spot for every surfer. Let’s dive into the best places to rent your board and maybe catch a few local tips along the way.

Top-rated surf board rental shops on Oahu

When you’re looking to catch some waves, only the best surfboard rental shops will do. On Oahu, where the ocean is your playground, a few standout shops have consistently earned top marks from both tourists and locals alike.

Koa Board Sports is one of those gems. Situated near the famous Waikiki Beach, this place is not just about renting boards; it’s about immersing in the surf culture. Koa Board Sports has a wide range of options for all skill levels and the staff there will go out of their way to match you with your perfect wave companion.

Venture a little further and you’ll find North Shore Surf Shop. This shop holds a special place in the hearts of surfers for its vast collection that satisfies every surfer’s dream. Whether it’s high-performance shortboards or sturdy longboards you’re after, you’re sure to find your match.

  • Koa Board Sports
  • Close to Waikiki
  • Wide variety
  • Expert staff
  • North Shore Surf Shop
  • Vast collection
  • All skill levels

For those who cherish a more local experience, Moku Hawaii offers not just quality rentals, but the soul of the island’s surfing heritage. The passionate employees often share stories and tips that turn an ordinary rental experience into a memorable one.

Lastly, consider checking out Surf Garage. This spot is renowned for its unique selection of surfboards and the knowledgeable staff who are always eager to chat about surfing techniques and the best local spots.

Remember that wherever you choose to go, it’s not just about the board. It’s about the experience, the conversation, and the adventure you’ll have riding the Oahu waves. Keep in mind that seasons and swells affect shop inventory, so what’s available may vary throughout the year. But rest assured, these shops will provide you with more than just a board—they’ll offer you a slice of the true Aloha spirit.

Shop 1: XYZ Surf Shop

When you’re chasing the perfect wave on Oahu, you’ll want a local ally in your corner. That’s exactly what you’ll find at XYZ Surf Shop. Nestled in the heart of the bustling Haleiwa town, this shop isn’t just a rental spot—it’s your gateway to surfing history.

At XYZ Surf Shop, you’re not just renting a board; you’re immersing yourself in a surfer’s paradise. This place offers:

  • An eclectic collection of boards for all levels from beginners to pros
  • The latest designs along with vintage boards for a nostalgic ride
  • Friendly staff who are as passionate about surfing as you are

Personalized Service is what sets XYZ apart. The staff here don’t just hand you a surfboard; they take the time to get to know your style, experience, and the spots you’re planning to surf. Ever wanted to try an Alaia board? They’ll set you up and even give you a crash course on ancient Hawaiian surfing.

The surf shop atmosphere is essential, and XYZ’s is as authentic as they come: Think surf videos playing in the corner, a salty breeze wafting through the open door, and the scent of fresh wax. The shop walls are adorned with iconic surf photography—a visual journey through waves and wipeouts.

Rental Rates Half-Day Full-Day
Shortboards $20 $30
Longboards $25 $35
Premium Boards $30 $40

For those of you looking to capture your surfing moments, XYZ has partnered with local photographers who know precisely when to snap that epic shot. Plus, the shop’s central location means you’re moments away from some of the most famous surf spots on the island.

Remember, it’s key to respect the local surf etiquette. XYZ staff are more than happy to provide guidance, ensuring you blend seamlessly into the lineup. So grab your board and let the adventure unfold at XYZ Surf Shop—the perfect start to your Oahu surfing experience.

Shop 2: ABC Surf Co.

As your journey unfolds along Oahu’s sun-kissed shores, you’ll stumble upon the laid-back charm of ABC Surf Co. Nestled in the heart of Waikiki, this surf shop is a treasure trove for surf enthusiasts and beachgoers alike. With its doors open to the salty Hawaiian air, ABC Surf Co. is more than just a shop—it’s a hub for those who share a passion for the waves.

Here’s why you’ll find ABC Surf Co. tough to beat:

  • An extensive selection of surfboards, catering to every skill level
  • Premium gear for rent, including wetsuits and GoPros to capture your rides
  • Attentive staff who live and breathe surfing, ready to offer personalized advice

Stepping into ABC Surf Co., you’ll notice the walls adorned with vintage surf photographs, a testament to Hawaii’s rich surfing legacy. Picking out your board here isn’t just a transaction—it’s an experience. You’ll get to hear stories of legendary surf spots and might even pick up a few local secrets for finding the best waves.

The rental process at ABC Surf Co. is seamless. With your valid ID and a sense of adventure, you’ll be matched with a board that complements your style and experience level. Rental rates are competitive, giving you more time in the water without breaking the bank.

Safety is paramount at ABC Surf Co.; they ensure you’re well-versed in local surf conditions and safety tips before you set foot on the sand. They’re also ecologically conscious, advocating for ocean preservation—something that deeply resonates with the aloha spirit.

So, whether you’re a seasoned surfer or someone looking to catch their first wave, ABC Surf Co. will gear you up for an unforgettable day riding the swells of Oahu. With the surf calling your name, are you ready to make a splash?

Shop 3: Waves R Us

As your guide to all things Oahu, I’m thrilled to point your surfboard’s nose toward Waves R Us, a treasure trove for wave riders tucked away in the charming Haleiwa town. This shop isn’t just a spot to grab a board; it’s a fully immersive experience into the surf culture that defines the North Shore.

At Waves R Us, you’ll find a spectrum of surfboards that cater to every experience level. Whether you’re just getting comfortable with the white water or carving up advanced reef breaks, they’ve got the right equipment to enhance your session. Their collection features:

  • High-performance shortboards
  • Stable longboards
  • Funboards for playful sessions
  • Boogie boards for the kids or the kid at heart

Beyond the boards, Waves R Us provides Premium Accessories such as:

  • Quality wetsuits for those cooler North Shore mornings
  • Reef-safe sunscreen to protect both your skin and the marine life
  • GoPro rentals so you can capture every thrilling moment on the waves

Their knowledgeable staff are local surfers who can offer valuable insights into the area’s best surf spots. They’ll help you understand the conditions, ensuring a safer surf adventure.

Regarding your budget, Waves R Us hits the sweet spot. Their rental rates are competitive, giving you more bang for your buck. Here’s a glimpse of their pricing:

Rental Duration Surfboard Prices Wetsuit Prices
Half-Day $25 $10
Full-Day $40 $18
Weekly $150 $50

And should you fall in love with a particular board beneath your feet, Waves R Us offers a “try before you buy” option, allowing you to apply rental fees toward the purchase price.

The commitment of Waves R Us to sustainability shines through their operations, from eco-friendly wax to supporting local beach clean-ups. So as you glide on the Pacific with equipment from Waves R Us, know that you’re riding a wave of positive community impact.

Shop 4: Big Kahuna Surf Rentals

When you’re exploring the bustling streets of Waikiki and hear the call of the waves, Big Kahuna Surf Rentals is your go-to spot. Nestled conveniently on the south shore, this shop’s reputation for top-tier service and quality equipment is as legendary as the name suggests.

Big Kahuna’s inventory boasts an impressive collection of boards suitable for both beginners and seasoned pros. Whether you’re looking to carve up the waves on a shortboard or cruise the swells on a longboard, you’ll find an array of options to suit your style. Their selection includes:

  • High performance shortboards
  • Classic longboards
  • Versatile funboards
  • Stand up paddleboards (SUPs)

What further sets Big Kahuna apart is their commitment to ensuring you have the best possible surfing experience. With each rental, you’ll receive personalized tips and advice from their seasoned staff, many of whom are former pro surfers. They’re not just there to hand you a board; they’re eager to make sure you hit the right spots and catch the best waves.

Moreover, rental prices at Big Kahuna Surf Rentals are quite competitive. Looking at the value you get, including free expert guidance, it’s clear why this shop is a local favorite. Here’s a quick overview of their daily rental rates:

Board Type Daily Rental Rate
Shortboard $20
Longboard $25
Funboard $22
SUP $30

Additionally, safety is a priority for them, providing not just equipment but also essential information about surf conditions and safety precautions. As you browse through their gear, you’ll also notice a commitment to sustainability, with eco-friendly wax and a selection of recycled-leash options contributing to their eco-conscious ethos.

Part of the charm at Big Kahuna’s is the community vibe. You might walk in a stranger, but you’ll leave feeling like one of the local ohana (family). After a day riding the Waikiki waves, don’t be surprised if you find yourself swapping stories with the staff about the island’s hidden gems.

Before you head back to your hotel, remember that Big Kahuna Surf Rentals offers more than just boards. Snorkeling gear, beach chairs, and umbrellas are also available, ensuring you’re equipped for any beach day adventure.

Shop 5: Pacific Shores Surf Supply

When you’re strolling through the heart of Honolulu, there’s a gem that can’t be missed if you’re after a unique surf experience – Pacific Shores Surf Supply. Unlike the chain stores, this independently owned haven offers a vibe that’ll make you feel like you’re truly part of the local surf community. The owners, Kai and Leilani, pour their love for the ocean into every aspect of their shop, greeting each customer with the kind of warmth and aloha spirit you’d find at a family gathering.

  • Wide selection of boards suitable for all levels
  • Exclusive designs featuring local artists
  • Eco-friendly wax and repair kits
  • Custom board shaping upon request

The racks here are brimming with an impressive selection of both modern and retro boards. In fact, Pacific Shores prides itself on its range of surfboards – from sleek shortboards designed for the experienced shredder to buoyant longboards perfect for those looking to glide along the waves with ease. They’ve even got handpicked vintage boards which are a rarity; you might find a classic piece that’s as much a collector’s item as it is a rideable treasure.

But it’s not just about the boards. Pacific Shores stands out with its commitment to sustainability; they offer eco-friendly options like biodegradable wax and reef-safe sunscreen, because they believe in protecting the paradise that provides for their passion. They also host weekly beach clean-ups, so you can give back to the community during your stay.

Whether you’re about to catch your first wave or you’re hoping to carve up some serious swells, stepping into Pacific Shores Surf Supply is an experience in and of itself. Kai’s expertise in board shaping means you can even order a custom surfboard as a truly special souvenir. And with their after-hours board drop-off service, you won’t have to cut your surf session short because you need to return your gear.

Before you head back to the shorelines, don’t hesitate to ask the staff for some insider tips. They’re not just here to provide gear; they’re stoked to share stories, advice on the best surf spots, and perhaps, if you’re lucky, their secret spot for the best post-surf grinds.


You’re now equipped with the inside scoop on where to rent the best surfboards on Oahu. Whether you’re after a custom-shaped board, eco-friendly gear, or just want to catch some waves with a high-quality rental, these shops have got you covered. Remember to check out Pacific Shores Surf Supply for their unique selection and commitment to the environment. With their knowledgeable staff and extra services, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. So grab your board and hit the waves – the ocean is calling!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Pacific Shores Surf Supply located?

Pacific Shores Surf Supply is located in the heart of Honolulu, on the island of Oahu.

Do they offer surfboards for all skill levels?

Yes, Pacific Shores Surf Supply offers a wide selection of surfboards suitable for all skill levels.

Are there any unique offerings at Pacific Shores Surf Supply?

Yes, the shop features exclusive surfboard designs by local artists and handpicked vintage boards, along with eco-friendly products and weekly beach clean-ups.

Can I get a custom-shaped surfboard at Pacific Shores?

Yes, Pacific Shores Surf Supply offers custom board shaping services.

Is there an after-hours board drop-off service available?

Yes, Pacific Shores Surf Supply provides an after-hours board drop-off service for customer convenience.

Does Pacific Shores Surf Supply prioritize sustainability?

Yes, they offer biodegradable wax, reef-safe sunscreen, and host weekly beach clean-ups, emphasizing sustainability.

Can the staff at Pacific Shores help with choosing surf spots?

Yes, the knowledgeable staff at Pacific Shores Surf Supply are willing to share insider tips on the best local surf spots.

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